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About the wiki
Chilla's Art is a small Japanese indie company that was founded by two brothers. Starting their journey from September of 2019, the two siblings have been creating horror games that have been relatively popular amongst gamers, youtubers, and streamers alike. With a total of 21 games released and counting, Chilla's Art has been quite popular amongst the horror genre for its PS1/VHS style effects and is played by many people around the world. Here on this fan-made wiki, we are dedicated to talking all about the games that were created by art Chilla's Art.

Here on this wiki, you can find the following topics that are discussed:

  • The games themselves
  • Walkthroughs and guides on how to beat the game.
  • The Characters
  • The Lore
  • References that are mentioned or gave the creators some inspirations within their games.

If by any chance that you're a Chilla's Art fan or a horror fanatic and would like to contribute, feel free to help out! We're more than welcome to have you help out. Please make sure you also read the guidelines below first before you help out.

Enjoy your stay! But be safe out there, because every fan deserves to be safe in any shape or form. You don't want someone to stalk you while you're out exploring our wiki! Do you? Hahaha....

Rules and Guidelines
Before contributing, please read some of the rules and guidelines which can be found here.